National Online
Personal Finance Institute
for Adult Educators & Service Providers

February 19 – May 10, 2024
Break from Mar 25 - Apr 5

10 Weeks
Classes on Feb 20, Apr 9, and May 7
7:00-9:00pm ET
Class recordings also available 

Educators Learn Personal Finance via a Curated Collection of 450+ Resources

Institute Assignments Reusable with
Adult Learners


Instructional Context for Math, GED, Basic Skills & Literacy Instruction

 Zoom Breakout Groups
for National Networking & Collaboration

Empower adult learners to become better money managers for a prosperous future!

The overarching goal of this online Institute is to streamline adult educators’ learning of personal finance content by reviewing classroom-ready curricula and resources, including lessons, videos, infographics, PPT slides, simulations, games, etc. That is, personal finance content and instructional strategies are learned simultaneously to reduce instructional preparation time. Vetted by 23 years of experience, this professionally curated collection of 450+ resources features the greatest hits in personal finance education and is geared toward adult learners with limited education and income.  Basic economic concepts and reasoning skills are used a lens for making more informed and empowered financial decisions.


The experiential learning Institute is extremely flexible and accessible to a variety of adult education and workforce development audiences and easily customizable to different learning formats, including real-world contextualized instruction (e.g., GED math instruction), standalone semester courses, community workshops, one-on-one counseling sessions, etc.  Online modules are self-paced with practical, applied, and reflective assignments that can be reused with adult learners. Live Zoom classes feature breakout groups for WIOA and cross-state/agency networking, collaboration, and resource sharing.


Includes Certificate of Completion and Optional Certified Personal Finance Educator Credential and Digital Badge.

COST $450

45 Hours of Professional Development

Or optional 3-hours of undergraduate or graduate university credit available for an additional $135

Please email Dr. Cheryl Ayers at with questions. 

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Aligned with National Standards for Personal Finance Education

Basic Economic Concepts

Economic Reasoning Skills

Money Values

Financial Goal Setting

Earning Income

Human Capital



Reducing Expenses

Spending Decisions




Borrowing & Debt


Scams & Identity Theft

Payday Lending




Paying for College

Consumer Rights-Responsibility


Full “Making the Case” article and references linked here

The 1.5 million U.S. adult learners with limited education and income often have low levels of financial literacy, making them 6X more likely to have trouble paying bills, 3X more likely to be in significant debt, 3X more likely to be unable to cover a $2,000 emergency expense, 5X more likely to lack enough savings to cover one month of living expenses, 4X more likely to spend  10+ hours/week dealing with personal finance challenges.1

Financial management skills offer freedom, hope, and empowerment, creating a less stressful future filled with agency and financial choices while breaking intergenerational cycles of poverty and reducing the risk of financial dependence, exploitation, and fraud.10


Any adult service provider who works in adult education, basic skills and HSE/GED programs, literacy organizations, workforce development, career coaching, employment centers, social services, aging and vocational rehabilitation, benefits/work incentives, disability services, corrections, veterans affairs, American Job Centers, Goodwill Industries, United Way, immigrant services, disenfranchised youth programs (alternative education, juvenile justice, Job Corps, etc.), foster care, substance recovery programs, homelessness aide, community colleges, and other like-minded nonprofit and government organizations.