Online Economic Empowerment
Curriculum & Training

Register & Complete Anytime at Your Own Pace!
15 Hours of Professional Development

Professional development completed at home at your own pace - Certificate of Completion & Digital Badge included

Self-paced, asynchronous modules in Google Classroom including national WIOA & peer collaboration

Customizable, interactive,

confidence-building, motivational, classroom-ready curriculum

Real-world contexts for core academic subjects, standalone programs, and one on one counseling


Participants may register and complete the online training anytime and at their own pace.
Secured access to the online training site will be emailed once registration and payment are received.


COST: $120




scarcity, resources, choices, opportunity costs, markets, supply/demand, globalization, cost-benefit analysis, economic reasoning skills,  economic decision-making tools


financial goals, budgeting,
reducing expenses, smart spending choices, saving, banking, debit, credit cards,
credit scores, payday loans,
debt management, identity theft


workplace intrapreneurship

earning additional income

entrepreneur skills assessment

market opportunities, easy small business ideas, lean canvas, business plan basics 



"The mission of the project is critical to the empowerment of the people in my city, and I believe across our country. The low-income populations have been done a great disservice in their minimal understanding of the way the economy works. It is all of our responsibility as privileged citizens to teach others to teach and lead all who need this training. This program is a HUGE step and a giant leap forward in better serving our communities."

"This program was enlightening! The introduction to economics is priceless! As a financial coach, I can now assist my clients with a more broad view of their finances. The in-depth presentation of entrepreneurship will be a life-long gift to my clients. It may be the key to keeping them out of poverty and/or securing the next generation."

"One of the best seminars I have attended in more than 30 years of teaching! Dr. Ayers conducted this with intelligence, insight, empathy, and enthusiasm! Outstanding hands-on activities and valuable handouts.  I will put this to work immediately…with my incarcerated adult students. There is a HUGE need for this in the corrections system - enormously important for REHABILITATION!"

"Economics, personal finance, and entrepreneurship can feel like giant, insurmountable tasks to many. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how this curriculum is scaffolded, accessible, and manageable. It includes all the necessary "nuts and bolts" and the instructions allow ALL educators to assemble their own instructional goals. It is truly amazing and beautiful."

"This training gave functional, realistic examples that students can apply to their daily lives. The handouts were fantastic in supporting the materials taught and learned throughout the course. Dr. Ayers breaks down the three subjects into real life scenarios that students can actually use." 

"This training was so comprehensive, yet condensed at the same time! Dr. Ayers’ presentation was well-organized and easy to follow. I found it inspiring, empowering, and so meaningful!"

"This was a really enjoyable and invaluable training for me with simple and practical examples to drive the points home. It was worth my time! Thank you very much!"